Align your life

3 Month Coaching Program

Connect to your inner guidance & create a life in alignment with your values & true desires in 12 weeks!

Hey there,

  • Are you feeling stuck or unfulfilled by your life but aren’t sure how to change it? Like “Wasn’t this life supposed to be more beautiful than this?”
  • Do you have this tingling feeling that you’re not living up to your highest potential, but self doubt stops you from going after it?
  • Are you tired of hustling, comparing yourself and always needing to push just a little bit harder only to still not get the outcomes you want?
  • Do you give up so much of your energy to make sure that everyone around you is happy that you feel out of balance and like your own needs aren’t being met?
  • Do you want to finally let go of the limiting beliefs and old wounds that have been blocking you from turning your wildest dreams into reality?

If your answer was “yes” to one or more of the questions above, you’re in the right place!

The truth is

… we all have an inner knowing – call it your intuition or your inner voice – that’s here to guide us every single step of the way. And learning to hear it loud and clear is one of the surest ways to create a life that you love.

… Your desire & your passion is your greatest compass when it comes to work.

… you don’t have to hustle harder in order to keep up with the rest of the world & feel accomplished. The key ingredients for for your personal definition of success are are mindset, energy management & self leadership

… unfolding your highest potential doesn’t mean „becoming“ anything other than what you already are. You’ve already got everything you need to embody your most authentic, confident, and loving self. It’s a process of remembering.

It’s time to free yourself of inner & outer limitations!

Module 1

Creating Clarity

We’ll cover:

  • Creating clarity on your goals & desires

  • Understanding the power of your subconscious mind
  • Uncovering the gap between where you are now & where you want to be   

  • Discovering your personal evidence procedure of reaching your goals

  • Getting to know your most desired feelings & learning how to align your life to them

Module 2

Inner Voice Activation

We’ll cover:

  • Different ways to connect to your intuition

  • The difference between the ego mind & the Inner Voice

  • Releasing stuck emotions

  • Building trust in your intuition

  • Inner Voice as an anchor for self worth, confidence & deservingness
  • The 3 A’s for successful manifestation: Alignment, Action, Allowing

Module 3

Deep Inner Work

We’ll cover:

  • Neurolinguistic Programming to release the root cause of limiting beliefs & old fears and install positive beliefs
  • Hypnosis to tackle Impostor Syndrome & gain unshakable confidence
  • Developing trust in yourself & your abilities
  • Self coaching tools to help you through self doubt, insecurity & fear
  • Embodiment of your truest, most authentic self
  • Spiritual Practices & Mindset Training

Module 4

Energetic Alignment

We’ll cover:

  • Energetic Alignment to your goals, vision & Inner Being

  • Taking Aligned Action
  • How to create & communicate healthy boundaries and keep them up

  • Flexible alignment routines & spiritual practices to keep your vibration high

  • Energy Management & Self Regulation

Module 5

Balance & Flow

We’ll cover:

  • Living from your Inner Voice & following flow
  • Dealing with triggers & fallbacks in old patterns 

  • How to stay in alignment with your truth moving forward

  • How to keep the momentum going & your energy high

  • Balancing your energy between work & play time


2.222 EUR

Payment Plans available

What’s included?

1:1 Coaching

9 x 75 Minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Messenger Support

Whatsapp or Telegram Support between coaching sessions

Worksheets & Journal Exercises

to reflect your patterns & align to your True Self

Meditation & Hypnosis

to ground, implement & embody new positive beliefs

Inner Child & Shadow Work

Most limiting beliefs are created in childhood. Through Inner Child work you’ll learn to face your shadows and heal emotional wounds.

Multidimensional Coaching

to align mind, body & spirit. Energy Work meets Neuroplasticity.

About Sophia

Everything changes when you can finally break through what’s keeping you stuck.

That’s why I create safe spaces for people to “unbecome”. To connect to their inner voice. And to become the embodiment of their most authentic self.

I’m an Inner Voice & Manifestation Coach, certified in NLP, Hypnosis, Time Techniques and EFT. I’m also trained in Constellation Work & Multidimensional Life Coaching and integrate these concepts in my workshops, coaching and trainings.

It takes courage & consistency. But imagine how it will feel to live your life with more confidence, freedom, abundance, flow, ease and a general excitement.

I don’t believe in hustling and grinding, but rather in alignment and flow for even bigger results. Living with confidence and purpose can start here.

Feedback from my


"My session with Sophia was incredible… I’ve had many coaching sessions and breakthrough workshops, but Sophia has a uniquely special energy and gift that allowed me to work through some deeply rooted issues that my other sessions were unable to heal ..."

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So grateful for you, Sophia!"

Ashley, Holistic Life Coach

"I have done several coaching sessions with Sophia and after each one I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Through Sophia's in-depth training and her personal interest in always educating herself in many different areas made me feel extremely well taken care of ..."

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"She can combine all of her knowledge and for that reason was able to help me on many different levels. Especially our latest family constellation has made me feel 100kgs lighter and gifted me with insights & aha moments that are priceless. Thank you dear Sophia for your great work!"

Ronja, Yoga Teacher & Studio Manager, Podcast Co-Host of "The Plantly Compassion"

"My personal journey and development had been going on for quite a while when I met Sophia and I had been using many different forms and tools for personal development, therapy and self-development. Her approach was new to me and I was very curious what effect this form of coaching would have on me. ..."

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"Already after the first session I was completely overwhelmed by the insights and the connection to myself. The topic we had chosen led to completely unseen and strongly tied knots that we were able to successfully untie. Sophia also gave me incredibly valuable tools for the time after the coaching, which further catalyzed my healing and growth quite autonomously. I look forward to a new session every time and it almost feels like "soul sport" to go through life more and more strengthened, reflective and loving. Like a heart muscle that you strengthen."

Aylin, Co-Founder of Yakamozz

"The relationship with my mum has completely turned around and changed! It's crazy! We can talk normally, we both take each other seriously and we laugh together too..."

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"...Slept at my family's house today and watched a movie with my mum yesterday and everything is so different, she is so much more loving to me. "

Julia, Abundance Coach

"The coaching with Sophia was a great investment. The sessions with her were always at eye level, you could open up easily and were in a protected space where you could feel comfortable and let go. I left each of our..."

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"... a warm feeling and satisfied with many "aha moments".
Sophia asked me a few questions before our first appointment about what changes I would like to see in my life if we meet again a few months after the coaching. What I wished for came true - but it turned out even better, actually. From session to session I came closer to this desired state. It's so nice to have this peace within.
I can recommend the coaching with Sophia to anyone who wants to change something in any situation/relationship but feels stuck. Also to all those who are open to change their perspective and also put themselves in the shoes of others."

1:1 Client

Dear Sophia! Thank you for the truly amazing input. I didn't realize how heavy some things still burdened me, but you gave me tools to get out of difficult situations again. Our session definitely had a positive impact on my life. I am deeply thrilled and touched and ... "

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"... have already used the new "tools" a few times. Thank you for your sensitive and loving spirit. I am still flashed and wish everyone these kinds of "aha" moments I had. After all the pain and "rain" come relief and "sun".
Thanks again for your help and intensive coaching! :))) <3"

Lucy, 1:1 Client